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Cricket Control

Do you have a problem with black crickets? Do they keep you up chirping or just concerned that crickets are in your house in the first place? Black crickets are probably field crickets that found their way into your house and decided to stay. Crickets usually decide, or by accident, to find their way into your house sometime in the fall when the weather starts getting cold. The male black crickets chirp and can be very annoying and even harder to find, most of the time. These crickets spend the summer months in Virginia developing and growing. When the weather turns cold in the fall they look for a mate so they can lay their eggs. After the first couple frosts they will die, unless they are in your house, which extends their life cycle due to the warmer climate of your residence.

cricketsThe reason they end up in your house is because they will migrate to the edge of your home and find openings or walk in through doors and or windows. The black field crickets have the capability to fly and are attracted to light. They will fly towards lights at night and this contributes to the crickets being attracted to your house.

Cricket control outdoors is not easy. Brown Exterminating can provide a perimeter treatment to your house that may be effective in reducing the number crickets that get close enough to your house to enter. But as summer evenings turn to cool fall evenings your house will trap heat which will attract more crickets as they become desperate to survive the cold weather.

Brown Exterminating can provide an inspection and quote for a treatment plan to get rid of a cricket population that can not be controlled by a perimeter treatment alone. We can provide safe and effective treatments for crickets and other seasonal pests that invade your home. If the chirping of crickets is pestering you at your house or in your business call Brown today for a free inspection and quote. We also offer plans for the year round protection of most crawling insects so when the seasonal bugs and insects decide to come in arrives your house is protected.

We are a full service exterminator including cricket control and extermination in Martinsville, Danville and the Henry county and Pittsylvania county Va area. Our pest control services include residential pest control, commercial pest control as well as real estate and new construction services. Call today for a free inspection and quote.

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Martinsville/Danville Area: 276-226-0517

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