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From food trucks to cafeterias, food service is possible the most important area for a quality pest control program. Health codes and conditions are closely monitored but the sighting of a single pest by a client or customer can be a huge setback for the reputation of your business. Brown Exterminating's commercial services for food service are developed from years of experience and by working closely with our costumers working in food service to create and maintain plans and practices that fit their businesses and schedules.

Brown Exterminating will utilize the practices of Integrated Pest Management procedures to provide safe and effective results. Food service Pest control is a process as conditions change with products coming in the back and going out the front. That’s why Brown the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach is the best practice for food service or any pest issue no matter in a food service facility or your home.

We follow an ongoing cycle of three main activities to provide the best possible pest control plan for your situation. First we will provide a thorough inspection in order to assess the pests and problems areas. This will allow us to also aid the food service managers to identify and update possible sanitation issues helping the pest to survive and grow in population. Next we will implement a plan for the target pests with a schedule for continued maintenance to control the target pest issues. And the final stage of the plan is to monitor the target pests to assure the populations are in decline and staying that way. Monitoring also allows us to make sure the pesticides and possible baits we are using remain effective or to alert us to a possible new infestation. Integrated Pest Management is a plan for success and has become an industry standard for progressive pest control.

Brown Exterminating's focus on Integrated Pest Management allows us to effectively keep pests away and ensuring the most possible protection with a minimum exposure to pesticides, odor and baits. It is a plan to solve a pest issue with the least amount of disruption to your business. Food service plans will typically include crawling insect and rodent control.

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