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Grocery Store Pest Management

Knowing the many issues associated with food distribution and food service in a grocery store, and the pest problems that come along with it, allow Brown Exterminating to create a service a plan that will keep unwanted pest from becoming an embarrassment. Grocery stores experience pest infestations for many reasons. From stock coming in to old produce needed to be thrown away. Brown uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to assess the situation and provide a plan that will monitor the target pests and allow us to rid the pests of your business.

Integrated Pest Management is an essential requirement for proper pest management. At Brown Exterminating Co., we understand that insect and rodent infestations can hurt a grocery store’s profitability and detract from your clean image. Pest issues can also lead to contaminated produce and product and the failure to meet health and safety regulations. This is why at Brown we offer grocers and supermarkets a commercial pest control program that is designed specifically for grocery stores and supermarkets. We implement the Integrated Pest Management that consists of environmentally friendly plans and treatment for target nuisance pests such as cockroaches and rats. The plan is monitored to make sure populations are being controlled and the plan is ultimately successful. We provide services for local grocers, supermarkets, specialty markets and chain grocery stores.

Commercial Pest Control Solutions For Grocery Stores

At Brown Exterminating & Pest Control, we will protect your grocery store from unwanted pests including flies, ants and mice while implementing the latest Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices that promote pest free environments with limited use of pesticides. To see how Brown can protect your grocery store, please contact us.


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Martinsville/Danville Area: 276-226-0517

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